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Q: What is the age limit of auditioning for the Orchestra?
A: You must be at least 17 years old and not older than 29 years old to apply.

Q: Is there a quota for musicians in each country to participate in the Orchestra?
A: No, there are no quotas. Every musician from every Asian country has an equal opportunity to participate in AYO.

Q: When and where do the auditions take place?
A: Auditions are held each year from January to March. For specific dates and venues in your country, please contact your local representative.

Q: How do I apply for the auditions?
A:  Please apply online via AYO website. Your local representative will inform you the audition time.

Q: Is there a minimum requirement to participate in the Orchestra?
A: Yes. You must be able to play fluidly, from memory, all of the major and minor scales and major repertoire for your instrument.

Q: What will I be asked to play at the audition?
A: You will be asked to play:

  1. One fast and one slow movement from compositions of your choice;

  2. Orchestra excerpts.

Q: If I cannot attend the live auditions, can I audition by tape?
A: If you are not able to attend the auditions, you may send a DVD to AYO’s headquarters in Hong Kong, but we will not listen to the DVD until we have heard all live auditions and your taped audition may only be considered in very rare circumstances.

Q: When will audition results be announced?
A: Audition results will be announced on 31 March. Applicants will receive email notification no later than 10 April.

Q: Do I need to pay to participate in AYO?
A: AYO is a tuition-free program. Accommodations, meals, transportation and tuition will be provided at no cost throughout the Rehearsal Camp and Tour. But all musicians invited to join AYO are required to pay a registration fee.

Q: When is the Rehearsal Camp and Tour?
A: Usually the Rehearsal Camp begins in mid-July and runs for three weeks. The Tour immediately follows the Rehearsal Camp and continues for another three weeks, usually until the end of August.

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