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Kwan Shan Ming Benny - A Five-year AYOer (1991 ~ 1995)

Kwan Shan Ming Benny (French horn)

AYO Member: 1991-1995 Hong Kong Sinfonietta: 1991 ~ present

It was my pleasure to be invited by AYO to share my memory here. The invitation email reminded me of the feeling when I was accepted by the Asian Youth Orchestra at my first attempt.

I have been working in a professional orchestra (Hong Kong Sinfonietta) for many years, performing in two to three concerts each month, from ballet, opera, classical concerts to cross-media performances and education and outreach concerts.

Recalling the moments of playing with AYO, as a 20-year-old Year 2 music student, I feel really honoured to be coached by internationally renowned horn masters as well as conductors and perform around the world. Playing with AYO was, and will always be a fantastic and valuable experience for me.

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